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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leisure time with Family

I have been waiting for this but did not get much time and decided to have a vacation in month of October.It was now about deciding place where to go couple of places I had it in my mind either South India OR Beaches (Goa and Andaman Nicobar Island).October started with heat over here in Mumbai, temperature is touching around 35 c so did want to take chance for trip around beaches.Well I think October is hottest month since last 30 years.So decided to go for south India ,now choices has been narrow down to either Kerala OR Banglore . Finally decision made and decided to go for places around Banglore .I have decided to have trip for 7 nights 8 days and places were Mysore,Ooty,Kodaikanal and Banglore.
So now as I have decided places for vacation now how do I plan my journey should I buy package for my entire trip OR I planned my self...I and my wife decided to have planned entire trip on our what do I need to do ?
  • Flight tickets
  • Rent a car
  • Booking of hotels in each city
  • Places to visit
Now booking of flight tickets I decided to find out various option from couple of airlines and I went with Indigo airlines It was quite cheap :-)..I started looking for car rental companies in Banglore and went with company called SLS Car Rental.Booking of hotels again done with the help of Internet which is as follows :
  • Mysore :: Peridot INN 2 Nights
  • Ooty :: Sunshine Inn 2 Nights
  • KodaiKanal :: Hotel Grand Palace 2 nights
  • Banglore :: Hotel Grand Residency 1 night
About places I have taken all the information from Internet .

So now It looks like I am all set for my vacation ...My vacation will start from 10th October and ends at 17th October.I have kept my budget 50K let us see If I can make it with in that.

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