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Monday, August 27, 2012

JSF 1.1 vs JSF 1.2

And after a long time,I thought of writing new blog on JSF.

Very recently,I have been involved with JSF 1.2 migration with Websphere portal server.If some one will ask me why can't we migrate to 2.0,it is all due to budget and business does not want pay any money on migration.

Here are some of major finding,you should watch out for JSF 1.2 components :

  • Very strict life cycle : JSF 1.1 components are not rigid with JSF life cycle where as JSF 1.2 containers are strict about maintaining life cycle of JSF components. For example, you can not manipulate managed bean properties in render response phase, properties managed during render response phase will initialized to default values once rendering is over.
  • Nested form  : JSF 1.1 components allows nested form where as JSF 1.2 components having nested forms can result in page freeze mean actions can not be invoked from JSP page.
  • JSF Form attributes : JSF 1.1 accepts form elements containing no values where as JSF 1.2 can result in syntax error. For example, <h:inputHidden id="myHiddenField"/> will not work with JSF 1.2 and can result in syntax error.
JSF Best Practices:

You also need to be careful with getter methods of managed bean,avoid writing any logic in getter methods since getter methods are being called many times by web container.

Managed beans and backing beans are thread safe where as render response listener and phase listener are not thread safe.Please ensure that don't write any business logic which may run into thread safety issues.