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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Interview with Thoughtworks

Well It started  when one of Thoughtworks recruiter got in touch with me some how I was not convinced about accepting any new opportunity.

I have received mail about 2 coding problems which I need to solve.
Problem 1 :
Mars Rover
problem 2 :
Sales tax

I choose to solve sales tax problem as I found it quite relates to real world project.Attaching my design diagram.

I received call from recruiter that I have cleared coding round and now they want to see me for next interview rounds.

Interview process started with one of the Thoughtworker .It started with discussion about what I have done to solve a problem OO Design OO Concepts .It went OK.
We have implemented very small extension on my assignment without changing much code.But I must admit she was very good listener and have shown very good attitude during our conversation.

I thought It ended well.I got amazed with entire environment It was so live table tennis,Carom board and some are hooked on to PC.

Technical inerview with other Thoughtworkers followed by my code pairing round.Interview was more about on algorithms,OO design,SOA ,Restful Services .It went OK and now I need to write some tests It has been never easy where u told to write some tests after having 10 yrs spend in IT Industry.First test was about speed vs accuracy I managed to answer 35 questions I think It is quite simple.Now I need to write logical test It was brain storming kind of a test I got tired and exhausted at the end of it.I felt I could have done better with logical test.It still floating in my mind.

Now I need to go through one more technical round with other Thoughtworkers.I was not quite prepared for it as I felt I can not speak more but still I went through with that. From my preservative It went OK but recruiters have told me they want to grill me more on my technical skills.

I have received a call from Thoughtworks recruitment team about my next technical round.
I went through with one more technical round in which they grilled me on J2EE,My projects SOA and Restful Services.It went OK.

One of the good thing about thoughtworkers are that they are very good in attitude and very good listeners.

Final round was just about formalities about what passion I carry for programing what I do in my day 2 day life some thing about projects...